Friday, April 18, 2008

Bad News/ Good News

It's 2:30 am and I just had to stop working on the girls' room. My Dad and I have been sanding/painting the doors/frames/trim/walls for the past 3 days. It's almost done but difficult to move the furniture by myself. There are still many little things that will have to be left undone as I was kind of counting on my Dad to help with them and he left today (4 days before the original planned date) with my Mom. I'm very sad about the circumstances around them leaving.....just a lot of tension and stress between my Dad and I. I won't go into it publicly because that wouldn't be fair to him, but I'd be lying if I said that everything is fine right now. I'm miserable because I can't see my baby still and very hurt that my parents left early.

We all went to see her Wednesday night....I wore a mask because I still have a little sore throat. Matt was tense the whole time I was there for obvious reasons. He didn't want me there but knew I had to see her. I was very careful, but also felt guilty for being there. It was so great to see her. She perked up so much when we all came in. She held onto me for so long......tried to kiss me, but I backed away...that was so hard. She really enjoyed hanging out with Grandma and Grampa (even pooped all over Grampa to show how much she cared). My parents gave the girls gifts from people back home....a plastic horse and 2 homemade cuddly blankets (they both loved them). Jill looked sick to me. Like she'd been through a wind tunnel. Puffy eyes, pale skin, lots of little bruises and rashes all over. She was just finishing up a platelet infusion (she's been getting them a lot lately, so if you can, please go to Millers and donate directly to need to be prescreened in person and can donate 4 days after that, so a lot of people are getting prescreened and giving blood on the same day, then coming back to give me with questions about it). She has an NG tube in, but they stopped feedings because she was throwing up too much. She was sort of herself....playing and pretending and smiling, but she just looked so tired and worn. It was so wonderful to see her, but I think it made it harder to leave.

Today started out crappy....she woke up with a high fever (she's still on Tylenol and Trilisate every 4-5 hours to keep the fever down) and threw up. In so doing, she dislodged her NG tube and they had to take it out. The good news is that she ate a good lunch (maybe Daddy telling her they'd be putting the tube back in if she didn't eat, helped) and at 8pm tonight, Matt reported that she had been sleeping (fever free!!) for 8 hours. This is the longest she's gone without Tylenol since nearly 2 weeks ago. The doctors were starting to worry about her liver as her liver function tests were showing slightly elevated (something?) from all the Tylenol, so I am so happy that it looks like it may be going away. I'll write more when I know more.

(For those that knew about it, we cancelled the girls' was supposed to be today at the hospital, but Jill likely would've slept right through it, and we didn't want to put her through anything more....I would not have been able to be there either due to my sore throat. We'll reschedule it for when she's home).

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